The Search Committee Has Chosen a Candidate

The Search Committee has chosen a candidate to nominate to the Vestry as the next Rector of St. Paul’s!  At our last discernment meeting Wednesday evening, after the final candidate visit was done, it took us very little time to decide, and we’re all very enthusiastic about our choice.  We can’t give you details until […]

Three Finalists for Rector Position!

Dear St. Paul’s, We have three finalists for our Rector position!  We’re in the process of scheduling them to visit us with their spouses, and we hope they’ll all be able to come in May – at different times, of course.  They will not be conducting a church service or meeting with any parishioners besides […]

All Second Interviews Complete

The Committee has completed all second interviews, and in the course of every interview we’ve heard how each candidate handles new situations, whether a whole new Rector call or a request for a new ministry in that parish.  All of the candidates still being considered have said, “I would start by listening.  I’d want to […]

Second Interviews Almost Done

Your Rector Search Committee is moving right along!  We only have a couple more second interviews to do, and the hard part will be narrowing the field of candidates to three finalists, because they’re all so good – seriously good people for St. Paul’s, that is.  We’ll invite the three finalists to visit us here, […]

Such Excellent Candidates

The committee has finished all the first interviews of the candidates we think would be good for St. Paul’s, and we’ve conducted several second interviews with several more to go.  Yes, there are that many really good possible Rectors!  We’ve answered logical questions, like “what is the Chestnut Hill area like?” and “what are the […]