Thank you letter from Albert Ogle

Dear friends at St Paul’s: I have spent the last three weeks visiting family, friends and having some new experiences in Ireland. It has been a wonderful journey as I enter into the mysterious world of retirement and to reflect on the many relationships and interests that shaped me here and in the USA. A […]

9/17/21: Message from Rev. Eric

Dear Ones, St. Paul’s is an extraordinary church community. In the month that I have been among you it has been an honor and a privilege to get to know such amazing, passionate, vibrant, and talented people. I have joined you for receptions and meetings, I have listened to your wonderful ideas and many of […]

9/16/2021: Renovation Update

The past month has seen some major strides for capital projects. It’s exciting to see things coming together. Stone cleaning in the sanctuary is approximately fifty percent complete and the transformation is remarkable. Almost 100 years of dust, dirt, and grime have been removed from all the wood and the stone. Once all of this […]

St. Paul’s Choir Trip + Silent Auction

The Saint Paul’s Choir is on the move again! The Adult Choir will be traveling to England in the summer of 2022, to be the choir-in-residence for ten days at the ancient cathedrals of Exeter and Southwark (London).  About 35 singers, together with Director of Music Andy Kotylo and Organ Scholar Emily Amos, will be […]

9/10/21: A Message from Fr. Eric

Dear Ones, Last evening as we were preparing to put our daughter Una to bed, she came into our room and started singing a tune which she said she could hear through her window. We walked her back into her room to investigate. The lights dimmed, her windows open, curtains swaying in the breeze–we realized […]