Family Resources

Children, Youth, and Family Resource Ministry

The CYF Resource Ministry centers the role, needs, and meaningful participation of children, youth, and families in all aspects of St. Paul’s Church. We are a group made up of parents/guardians, students, and ministry leaders who communicate to and from the Vestry and various ministries about how decisions will impact us. We also seek to empower the various ministries, particularly in the following areas: worship, event planning, budgeting/policymaking, stewardship, pastoral care, and communication. We meet on Wednesday nights once per month.

Parents’ Exchange

While children and youth attend Church School, parents gather together in the Swift Bird Room to share ideas on the joys and challenges of parenthood. These gatherings also serve as a platform for parents to seek support from the group and to encourage each other. There is normally an informal discussion around a particular topic, which changes from week to week. Additionally, parenting resource experts from outside of our community are invited to share their wisdom with the group. Parents’ Exchange meets on Sunday mornings from 9:45AM – 10:45AM.

Safety Policies

St. Paul’s is committed to keeping all children safe. All volunteers and staff who have direct contact with children and youth are required to be certified through Safe Church Training and adhere to the Diocesan Safe Church policy. At the beginning of the Church School year, parents complete a registration form for each child. This is meant to facilitate easy access to parents at all times, as well as the special needs of each child.