Applications Closed!

The application period for Rector candidates is now closed, and we’ve received quite a few who may be a good fit with St. Paul’s.  We’re doing more first interviews, and later in March we may be able to start second interviews with the most promising candidates.  We’ll also be meeting (by Zoom, of course) a […]

Applications are almost closed!

The Search Committee has received the portfolios of enough really promising candidates that we probably won’t ask to extend the application period.  Currently, the last date we can receive applications will be next Monday, March 1.  We will soon be starting second interviews of the best candidates.  It may be hard to make these decisions […]

Great – and many – candidates

Thanks for your Tuesday evening prayers, folks! The committee is moving steadily along with more interviews and internal discernment about the large number of candidates who have applied for St. Paul’s Rector position. They’re from all over the country, of really varied backgrounds and ages. We’ve listened to lots of sermons via YouTube and other media; there are […]

Still Receiving Portfolios

Fellow parishioners, I’m sure you’ll remember the parish survey we all completed early last year, and the 300 (!) comments we made, before John Rollins and his worthy committee put together our Parish Profile.  In the process we detailed, and the Profile Committee summarized, our strengths, opportunities and challenges for the future.  Well, now that […]

Interviewing and Discerning

The Search Committee is in the middle of interviewing likely candidates and, as I said on Sunday, they find St. Paul’s very appealing, based on the Parish Profile and talking with the committee.  So, while we say in the Profile that St. Paul’s has some challenges, there are plenty of interesting candidates who feel called […]