An Episcopal Church vestry serves many of the functions served by boards of directors or trustees at other non-profit organizations. As its primary responsibility, the vestry oversees the parish’s financial health. In partnership with the rector, it develops and approves the annual parish budget. The vestry also serves as an advisory council to the rector who by church law is the parish’s chief liturgical and pastoral officer. Although in the past a rector tended to be autocratic, today they form a partnership with the vestry in order to assure the health of the parish.

* denotes a member of the Coordinating Committee.

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2022 Annual Report

Louise Thompson*

Rector’s Warden, 2022

Denise Jones*

Parishioner’s Warden, 2022

Dick Kolb*

Accounting Warden, 2024

Clark Groome*

Secretary, 2024

Chip Butler


Mark Duckett*


Colin Brown


Wendy Munyon


Michael Latini


Chesley Lightsey


Hugh Williamson


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