The gallery organ takes shape

If you have been into the church in the last few days, you cannot fail to have noticed the magnificent structure of new pipework adorning the back wall of the rear gallery. While it is not quite complete, and not yet playable from the console, it is an exciting visible mark of progress towards the […]

The organ begins to come back

Scaffolding adorns the chancel, as cleaning of the wood and stone interior takes place alongside work to restore the ceiling organ. Soaring summer temperatures did not prevent a small crew from organ builders Russell & Co. tackling the long and arduous job of reinstalling the pipes of St. Paul’s Aeolian-Skinner organ, most of which were […]

A Time of Waiting

Emily Amos and Andrew Kotylo Waiting continues to be our universal shared experience in this pandemic winter … waiting for vaccine to be available, waiting for restrictions to be lifted, and waiting for spring to arrive. Happily, while at St. Paul’s we eagerly await reopening for worship and the full resumption of our music program, […]

Organ Removal is Complete

Photo Gallery of organ removal, June-July 2020 As you scroll through the photos, you might take note of the following: • A crew from the organ builders Russell & Co. traveled to Philadelphia on five occasions to remove the smaller pipes and convey them back to their shop in Vermont. With help from St. Paul’s […]

Pipe Removal

After five years of research and planning, and thanks to a wonderfully generous benefactor who provided a gift for the purpose, a major project to clean and restore Saint Paul’s noteworthy pipe organ got underway on June 11, 2020. About three-quarters of the instrument’s 6357 pipes are being removed to Cambridgeport, Vermont, where organ builder […]