Organ Update, May 2024

The photos accompanying this update show views of the central swell chamber and exterior pipework (lectern side) that few people other than organ builders and tuners will see. Photo credit Stephen Russell. Recent visits to St. Paul’s by the crew from organ builders Russell & Co. brought exciting progress in what is now the final […]

Organ update, November 2023

The casual listener probably finds it hard to get their mind wrapped around the immense complexity of a pipe organ, both as a physical structure and as a musical instrument that delivers literally thousands of notes and different sounds.  At times when the organ builder’s crew is working at St. Paul’s, a mind-boggling array of […]

Organ update, May 2023

Putting some finishing touches to the newly installed Positiv division. One of the rare opportunities that the current organ renovation afforded was the temporary opening up of the large organ chamber situated behind the reredos. This space was originally designed to accommodate the 1929 organ when the church was built. Increasingly stuffed full of organ […]

Light at the end of the tunnel

Unexpected discoveries are an inevitable feature of every organ renovation.  However exhaustive the preliminary inspection of an old instrument may be, the sheer complexity and tightly-packed structure of a pipe organ mean that full access and examination are impossible until it can be dismantled into its individual components.  Unpleasant surprises are commonplace.  The current renovation […]

The gallery organ takes shape

If you have been into the church in the last few days, you cannot fail to have noticed the magnificent structure of new pipework adorning the back wall of the rear gallery. While it is not quite complete, and not yet playable from the console, it is an exciting visible mark of progress towards the […]