Light at the end of the tunnel

Unexpected discoveries are an inevitable feature of every organ renovation.  However exhaustive the preliminary inspection of an old instrument may be, the sheer complexity and tightly-packed structure of a pipe organ mean that full access and examination are impossible until it can be dismantled into its individual components.  Unpleasant surprises are commonplace.  The current renovation […]

Construction Update 10/12/22

THE END IS NEAR….REJOICE! This is the last update on the parish hall and work done through the capital campaign because we are done! Earlier this week a group of St. Paul’s kitchen mega-users attended a training session for the new culinary equipment. We learned how to operate the convection ovens, standard oven and range, […]

8/11/22: Renovation Update

We are in the final stretch of completing the Parish Hall renovation. Progress is being made every day. The property committee is excited to share the progress. Kitchen Renovation All of the old kitchen equipment has been removed including cabinets, appliances, and sinks. New equipment is on order and prep work in the Swift Bird […]

The gallery organ takes shape

If you have been into the church in the last few days, you cannot fail to have noticed the magnificent structure of new pipework adorning the back wall of the rear gallery. While it is not quite complete, and not yet playable from the console, it is an exciting visible mark of progress towards the […]

2/18/22: Renovation Update

Welcome Back – We need your help With renewed campus facilities on the horizon, it is an ideal time to take a comprehensive look at space use on St. Paul’s campus.  Over the past two years we have not been able to use our facilities to their fullest.  As we look forward to being able […]