Air-conditioning is coming to St. Paul’s … with your help!

Did you hear Fr. Eric’s exciting announcement that we are tantalizingly close to securing the funding needed to enable us to install air-conditioning in the sanctuary?  If you were in church on Welcome Back Sunday you will not need to be persuaded that we need it!  In case you missed it, here is the email from Fr. […]

See what happened….

…..when well intentioned bears left their house unlocked?  The food was eaten, the furniture wrecked, and even the beds were slept in.  How rude! As of early next week, all the locks will have been changed.  Thanks to everyone for your patience during this process.  Anyone who requested access will be contacted no later than […]

For the keys, they are a-changin’

… to paraphrase Nobel Prize winner, Bob Dylan. On Thursday of this week our locksmith started the process of rekeying the campus.  He is beginning  with the interior doors and will end with the exterior doors.  By this time next week his work should be complete.   At the end of each day, he will turn […]

No Handle? No Lock? No Key?

Unlike the famous door in William Holman Hunt’s The Light of the World, St. Paul’s has plenty of doors with locks, knobs, and too many keys in circulation! Next Thursday 10 August, the lock smith will start re-keying all spaces on campus.  It will take the better part of a week to replace our sixty-plus […]

Organ update, May 2023

Putting some finishing touches to the newly installed Positiv division. One of the rare opportunities that the current organ renovation afforded was the temporary opening up of the large organ chamber situated behind the reredos. This space was originally designed to accommodate the 1929 organ when the church was built. Increasingly stuffed full of organ […]