The gallery organ takes shape

If you have been into the church in the last few days, you cannot fail to have noticed the magnificent structure of new pipework adorning the back wall of the rear gallery. While it is not quite complete, and not yet playable from the console, it is an exciting visible mark of progress towards the […]

2/18/22: Renovation Update

Welcome Back – We need your help With renewed campus facilities on the horizon, it is an ideal time to take a comprehensive look at space use on St. Paul’s campus.  Over the past two years we have not been able to use our facilities to their fullest.  As we look forward to being able […]

2/2/22: Renovation Update

Winter Winter is a time of dormancy when growth and progress happen out of sight and below the surface.  Trees, bulbs, and other flora planted in the fall are spending time sending out roots for new growth.  During the past couple of months, capital projects have been in a similar state. Preparation for serious parish […]

11/5/21: Renovation Update

Pentimento This installment of property news doesn’t focus on what’s being accomplished anew.  Rather, this week we’ll look at the campus we live on and notice the evidence of earlier works that are still with us but perhaps only partially seen – if at all. It’s well known that the parish hall started out as […]

10/29/21: Renovation Update

The update for this week’s Happenings is one that many of us have yearned to hear.  The property committee is flushed with pride to announce that the sewer is complete and functioning.   Rejoice! Soon the lawn will be re-seeded and a sub-committee of the property group will look at a landscaping plan for the campus.  […]