Soon we will be searching no more

My fellow parishioners, soon we will be searching no more!  Last Thursday evening the Search Committee nominated the best Rector candidate to the Vestry and spent a good deal of time telling the Vestry about them:  how we had liked them a lot from the very beginning, liked them even more at the second interview and especially when they visited us, and what qualities make this candidate really, really good for St. Paul’s.  This Thursday evening, June 3, the Vestry will vote on the nominee and approve them, we fervently hope and believe.  Next our Rector’s Warden, Ruth Desiderio, will call the approved nominee while the meeting is still going on, and issue the call to come to St. Paul’s to be our Rector.  We believe they will accept our call, and then they’ll join the Zoom meeting, to meet the Vestry members who weren’t on the Committee.

We won’t be able to announce the person to the whole Parish for a little while, because we have to complete the business part:  a Letter of Agreement with salary and benefits and other details, and then approval from the Bishop’s office.  But we hope to have that all done some time in mid-June, so that the the announcement can be made on the same Sunday at St. Paul’s and at the new Rector’s current church.  After that, it will be a few more weeks before the new Rector is here, but it will take that much time for them to say goodbye to their current parish and get ready to move, and for us to get ready for them.  If you want to be involved in welcoming the new Rector and their family, in both practical and social ways, you should send Ruth an email and help on the Transition Team.

This is going to be a very exciting time!

Chair of the Search Committee