Three Finalists for Rector Position!

Dear St. Paul’s,

We have three finalists for our Rector position!  We’re in the process of scheduling them to visit us with their spouses, and we hope they’ll all be able to come in May – at different times, of course.  They will not be conducting a church service or meeting with any parishioners besides the Search Committee, because of the continued need for confidentiality.  But your faithful Committee members will be giving them tours of St. Paul’s buildings and the Rectory; driving them around the community, both Chestnut Hill and the broader area; telling them about school possibilities, because they all have children; having meals with them to get to know them better socially; and having a short worship service and meeting with them about subjects that have come up during the visit and about facts beyond what’s in the Parish Profile.

One thing I can tell you definitely:  the Committee members feel that any of the three finalists would be a great “fit” with St. Paul’s, and we’d be happy to have any as our Rector.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for our process – they are still helping us discern our path!

Louise Thompson
Chair of the Search Committee