For over two thousand years, the Christian community has given thanks, prayed, and expressed its faith through song, and St. Paul’s is proud to continue in this dialogue. As an integral part of our worship, we believe that music draws us together as a community and offers us a means by which we can experience God’s grace. St. Paul’s has a long history of fine music in the Anglican tradition and music continues to be a strength and priority at St. Paul’s.

The mission of Music at St. Paul’s is …

• To offer sacred music of the highest quality at worship services, in the praise of God;
• To sustain the future of church music through active education of children and adults in liturgy and sacred music repertoire (especially but not exlusively that of the Anglican tradition), as well as development of the skills and understanding required to perform them;
• To uphold the preservation of St. Paul’s unique Aeolian-Skinner Organ as a central component of the program;
• To utilize all the spaces, instruments, resources and musicians at St. Paul’s for music programs and events in ways which contribute to the mission of St. Paul’s Church and benefit the wider community.

Role of the Music Guild

The Music Guild provides support for the Director of Music to accomplish this mission as delegated to him by the Rector. Members of the Guild provide counsel as requested, administrative and organizational assistance, and help to secure the sustainability of Music at St. Paul’s through promotion and fund-raising. In addition the Guild has administrative responsibility for the Ann Stookey Fund for Music at St. Paul’s, as described in the Terms of Administration and Distribution of that Fund.