One of the last weekly reports

St. Paul’s, this will be one of our last weekly reports!  On Thursday evening, May 27, the Search Committee will nominate our chosen candidate to the Vestry as our next Rector. We’ll talk about their skills, experience and spiritual qualities, our experience with them in interviews and their visit here, and why we chose them.  One thing I can say is that the committee members had no trouble at all deciding that this would be the best person.

On Thursday, June 3, the Vestry will meet again after reviewing the nominee’s materials and the committee’s presentation, and this time it will vote on the candidate. After that, once the candidate is approved, there will be a period (short, we hope) of negotiating an employment package. And once that’s agreed on, we and the candidate will agree on a day – probably a Sunday – when the call will be announced at both St. Paul’s and their current church. Then we can all start preparing to bring them here and celebrate!

Faithfully yours,
Louise Thompson for the Search Committee