The Search Committee Has Chosen a Candidate

The Search Committee has chosen a candidate to nominate to the Vestry as the next Rector of St. Paul’s!  At our last discernment meeting Wednesday evening, after the final candidate visit was done, it took us very little time to decide, and we’re all very enthusiastic about our choice.  We can’t give you details until the Vestry approves, but he’s someone we’ve liked from the beginning, and each interview and visit just confirmed our first impression, that he has the skills, experience and spiritual leadership qualities to be our pastor.

As the bylaws require, we’ve requested a Vestry meeting in a week, i.e. Thursday, May 27, to nominate the chosen candidate, tell the Vestry about him and give them his written materials.  Then the Vestry has a week to consider what we’ve given them, ask questions, etc., and then vote at another meeting on Thursday, June 3.  We have no doubt they’ll agree that this is the person the Spirit has been leading us to, but in the meantime my reports will be very brief because nothing will be official until after the June 3 meeting.

Thanks for your patience – we know this process has seemed very long, but it’s been worth all the work, to come to a very happy end – and a new beginning!

Chair of the Search Committee