Second Interviews Almost Done

Your Rector Search Committee is moving right along!  We only have a couple more second interviews to do, and the hard part will be narrowing the field of candidates to three finalists, because they’re all so good – seriously good people for St. Paul’s, that is.  We’ll invite the three finalists to visit us here, show them around St. Paul’s campus, the Rectory, the neighborhood, surrounding neighborhoods.  No, we will not be staging “tryouts” or having them conduct a church service, but you can be assured that when you eventually meet our new Rector, you will know that it was God who sent her/him to us.  Keep in mind that there’s a whole approval process they’ll have to go through – we formally issue the call to one priest, they have a few days to answer, we recommend them to the Vestry, and then the Bishop, for approval, we negotiate a contract, etc.  So, while we hope to have the visits done in May, it’ll be a little while longer before they’re in place.
Thank you all for being so patient – it will be worth it!

Louise Thompson
Chair of the Search Committee