Parish Prayer List

If you would like to place a name on the prayer list please fill out this form, or e-mail The Rev. Eric Hungerford. We ask that you obtain permission from those you are commending to the prayer list.

Saint Paul’s Parishioners:

Rick Alexander, Alessandra Cartelli, Dean Ennis, Pam Groome, Chuck Lower, Helen McBride, Aidan McGill, Bruce Miller, Eve Miller, Dan O’Connell, Steve Pearson, Sarah Poole, Susan Schindler, J.B. Smith, Ginny Toliver, and Dudley Warwick.

We pray for all who have died, especially for Carolyn Louise Van Sciver Armstrong, Logan Mabe, Helen Swain, Bob Busser, Prudence Runyan, Pam Klinger, Vanessa Peirce, Bonnie Finley, John O’Donnell, Elizabeth Eikenburg,. We remember all who have died in the dual pandemics of racism and COVID-19, that they may have a place in your eternal kingdom.

Friends and Family of Parishioners:

Simone Kutler, friend of George and Ann Reath
Ed Sherman. brother of Donna McShane
Lori Conner, niece, and Stephanie Reid, friend of the Kolbs
Jack Marcus, friend of Kim Leach
Arabella Fletcher and family, close friends of Arabella Pope
ML Riley, friend of Ann and George Reath
Karen Phillips, friend of Wendy Munyon
George and Lucille Teufel, parents of Naomi Hughes
Kathy and Thad Piatkowski, parents of Adam Piatkowski
Katie Link and the Link Family
Dennis Bellingter, friend of Van Williams
Pat McCarley, friend of Ann and George Reath
Elizabeth Gourlay, niece of Bob Busser
John McCabe, Friend of Anne and Wilson Brown
Lois Mengel, maternal grandmother of Paige Miller
Harold McShane, Father of Don McShane
John Ragg, son-in-law of Trudy Roman
Logan Mabe, husband of Charlotte Sutton
Jim McLean, father of Tim McLean
Cassandra and Brian McGill, Daughter- in-law and Son of Aidan McGill
Samuel Stone, father of Stephen Stone
Jung Hok “Theresa” Cho, friend of Renée Wolcott
Cynthia Stone, Mother of Steven Stone
John Duckett, Brother of Mark Duckett
Jo Aluise and Family, friends of Michael Latini
Dan Maristch, Father of Liz Brooks’ daughter-in-law
Larry Bashore, brother of Pam Gagne
Jim Bayne, John Guerriero, relatives of John Faggotti
Milton Jackson Jr., Friend of Pam Bracey
Ashton Christy, nephew of Barbie & John Kimberly
Sandy Beetner, mother of Riley Beetner
Thomas L. McGill Jr and William Z. McGill brothers of Aidan McGill
David Gensert friend of Aidan McGill
Kevin Sweeney, friend of Buzz and Jill Wemple
Joan Kay Lally, sister of Helen McBride
Bruce Tullo, father of Nicole Tullo
Ron and Susan Elin, family of Renée Wolcott and Derek Elin
The Rev. Bob Emberger
Jody Carroll McClendon, mother of Lynn Carroll
Gwen Anderson, daughter of Doug Anderson
Aisling Coyle-O’Sullivan, daughter of Rosemary Treglia
Sara Pera, mother; Paul Baba, cousin; Marie Valerio, friend of Kim Leach
Sandra Meldrum, sister of Van Williams
Debbie, Mike & family, friends of Hank Ballerstedt
Veronica Bowlan, friend of Jeanne Omans
Betty Hammond, Margaret H. Gordon, Carolyn H. Floyd, family;
Alicia Alexander, Byrd, James Eric Hammond, and Viola Herstein, friends of Pamela Bracey
Lisa DiVittore, mother of Karen McShane
Christian Mark Han lon, husband of Leslie Hanlon
Doris Hart, grandmother of Sherri Hamilton
Family of Amy and Sean Coleman
James Henes, father of Brian Henes
Donna Smith, friend of Van Williams
Justine Leftwich, niece of Melissa & Bill Fikioris
Larry McTernan, Walt Czarnecki, and Dan Rankin, friends of Fred Straub
Thad Piatkowski, father of Adam Piatkowski
Mary Brownell, Marilyn & Talia Tinali, friends of the Lowers
Paul & Tonya Clement, Jr., friends of Rick Felton
Megan Curran, friend of Ruth Desiderio
Rebecca Rivire, sister of Bill Farran
Nancy Tashie, friend of Ann and George Reath
Wallace Tillman, friend of Tracy Piatkowski