Parish Prayer List

If you would like to place a name on the prayer list please fill out this form, or e-mail: The Rev. Cn. Albert Ogle or The Rev. Dan Kline. We ask that you obtain permission from those you are commending to the prayer list.

Saint Paul’s Parishioners:

Myrna Berthold, Thuraiya Bolas, Bob Busser, Alessandra Cartelli, Paul & Tonya Clement, Jr., The Rev. Rob Davidson, Ashley & Erick Gagne, Beverly Gast, Ruth Hughes, Martang Johnson, Oscar & Marion Johnson, Carrie Karhnak-Glasby, Harry Kenneth Milner, Stephen Pearson, Thad Piatkowski, J.B. Smith, Judy Smith, Newby Strong and family, Donald Watlington, Van Williams, and Deborah & Shamir Wilson.

Friends and Family of Parishioners:

Alfred Carter, member of Van Williams’ family
Margaret Anderson, mother-in-law of Melissa Fikioris
Debbie, Mike & family, friends of Hank Ballerstedt
Veronica Bowlan, friend of Jeanne Omans
Todd Brictson, Mary Brownell, John Craig, Marilyn & Talia Tinali, friends of the Lowers
Michael Collins, friend of the Popes
Lori Conner, Colleen Kanter nieces; Stephanie Reid, friend of the Kolbs
Megan Curran, friend of Ruth Desiderio
Lisa DiVittore, mother of Karen McShane
John Duckett, brother of Mark Duckett
David and Wendy Ernst and Charles Scull, friends of John Zimmermann
Betty Hammond and Frances H. Mitchem, Pearl H. Sharpless, Margaret H. Gordon, Carolyn H. Floyd, family; Alicia Alexander Byrd, Martha Johnson, and Viola Herstein, friends of Pamela Bracey
Mark Hanlon, husband of Leslie Hanlon
Doris Hart, grandmother of Sherri Hamilton
Tom Keels, friend of Linda Boggs
Ronaldlyn Latham, friend of Van Williams
Justine Leftwich, niece of Melissa & Bill Fikioris
Russell McCormick, brother of Judy Smith
Larry McTernan and Walt Czarnecki, friends of Fred Straub
Carol Miller & family of the Miller and Class families
Rachal Ochotny, friend of Joyce Klinefelter
Thad Piatkowski, father of Adam Piatkowski
Sara & Hub Pera, parents of Kim Leach
Susan Rankin, wife of Dan who taught Fred Straub
Rebecca Rivire, sister of Bill Farran
Donna Smith, friend of Van Williams
Nancy Tashie and Lily Jordan, friends of Ann and George Reath

St. Paul’s Confirmands:

Chester Adams, Charlie Budd, Maida Budd, Juliana Brueckner, Cecilia Fikioris, Jack Fitzpatrick, Ben Hayes, Olivia Hayes, Elisabeth Pearcy, Sophie Piatkowski, Gus Platt, Cecelia Stevenson, Livia Stites, Jackson Tullo, Wilcox Tullo, Drew Warnick, and Ellen Williamson.

O God who knows us fully, in all our doubts and all our certainties: help us to put away childish things, to reason with all our hearts and minds so that we may know ourselves and discover you, within our hearts and within one another, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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