All Second Interviews Complete

The Committee has completed all second interviews, and in the course of every interview we’ve heard how each candidate handles new situations, whether a whole new Rector call or a request for a new ministry in that parish.  All of the candidates still being considered have said, “I would start by listening.  I’d want to spend a long time getting to know parishioners and finding out how you do things now, before suggesting any changes, if change is wanted or needed.”
The Search Committee would like to suggest that it would be a very good thing if parishioners would do the same for our new Rector, whoever s/he is:  we could all spend time – maybe a year – getting to know her/him and not criticizing at all.  While we help them learn who we are, we would learn who they are, always keeping in mind that your Search Committee has highly recommended, and the Vestry and Bishop have approved, this person as a really good Rector for St. Paul’s.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Chair of the Search Committee