Pastoral Care

If you are having an EMERGENCY requiring pastoral care, please contact one of the clergy:

Fr. Eric Hungerford at 215-242-2055 (x28) or email

Caring For Each Other

When a member of St. Paul’s needs support at a time of illness or loss or other difficulty, the clergy are the principal people who visit and support and counsel. There are also other groups, made up of parishioners, who deliver help to parishioners—a friendly face, a Eucharistic visit, a cheery arrangement of flowers, or a delicious dinner for someone just home from the hospital.

Everyone is invited to participate in these ministries, as well as to call upon St. Paul’s pastoral care resources as the need arises. Contact one of the clergy (see above) or the office at 215-242-2055 or contact us online.

Intercessory Prayer Group

The pastoral care and intercessory prayer group meets on the second Monday of the month in the Dixon House at 7 p.m. In the first part of the meeting we bring the needs of others before God in prayer. Many have remarked on the power and comfort that being prayed for brings to them. The second part of the meeting is devoted to the administering of the various pastoral care ministries. All are invited to pray with us–just come to the Dixon House at 7 p.m., even if you just want to join us for prayer and not stay for the administering. If you are interested in any of the caring ministries, please contact us.

Healing Prayer

Healing prayers are offered in the chapel at the 11.00 a.m. service during communion. All are welcome to receive prayers in the chapel, either for themselves or for others. Family and friends may join you in offering prayers for those who are in need of healing, for those who are grieving, for those who need consolation, and for those who wish to give thanks to God. The prayers of the whole community of St. Paul’s Church are extended in support of you or your loved ones. You may also request to be put on our prayer list to be prayed for throughout the week. After you receive communion, please exit the communion rail to the left and join the line outside the chapel. Healing ministers keep all requests for prayer confidential.

Altar Flower Deliveries

One of the most joyous ministries at St. Paul’s is the flower delivery ministry. After our Sunday services, two or three people a week make small arrangements or bouquets from the altar flowers and deliver them to those in need of cheer. This is a wonderful opportunity to make someone happy–the question is whether that someone is the deliverer or the recipient! Usually it is done on Monday morning and takes about two hours. We can, however, schedule you for after a 11 a.m. service on a Sunday. For more information, contact Jody O’Rourke or use the online form to contact us.

Care Meals

The Care Meals team provides the occasional meal at those times when cooking is difficult– during an illness, when just home from the hospital, or when caring for someone else. St. Paul’s has many excellent cooks, and this group is eager use their culinary skill to lighten someone’s burden. If you are in need of a meal, or if you would like to help provide meals, please contact us.

Services at Springfield Residences

On every second and third Sunday of the month, St. Paul’s leads worship services for the Springfield Residences community at 551 East Evergreen Ave., Wyndmoor PA 19038. We would love to have you worship with us! All are invited to join the Springfield residents who make up the congregation. You can light the candles, read a lesson, help administer the chalice (Eucharistic Ministers welcome!) or simply come and be a part of the congregation. For second Sunday services, contact Becky Southwell; for third Sunday services, contact one of the clergy, or use the online form to contact us.

Bereavement Support

If you are in need of bereavement counseling, please contact one of the clergy (see above) to meet the ongoing challenge of loss and begin the work of healing.