Such Excellent Candidates

The committee has finished all the first interviews of the candidates we think would be good for St. Paul’s, and we’ve conducted several second interviews with several more to go.  Yes, there are that many really good possible Rectors!  We’ve answered logical questions, like “what is the Chestnut Hill area like?” and “what are the local schools like?”, and also harder ones like “what have been some high water marks in recent St. Paul’s history?”  The latter had some obvious answers:  The 9 o’clock service is big and successful; and we have several really strong ministries, like outreach and the choir.  As I’ve said before, we’ve heard some very good suggestions from the candidates about what to do about the challenges we say we have, in our Parish Profile.  We’ve taken detailed notes on it all, and, no matter who becomes our Rector, we’ll pass on the suggestions to that person and to you all, for future action.

We’ll be happy to report to all the candidates still in the process, that all three Easter services were full to the capacities allowed by current restrictions, with many of us (you) attending for the first time in a year.   The kids loved the outdoor service so much, they didn’t want to leave!

Blessings, and keep praying for us!

Louise Thompson
Chair of the Search Committee