Legacy Society

In the Company of Angels

Founded in 1936, the Legacy Society of Saint Paul’s Church was created to support future ministries.

Bequests make a huge impact at Saint Paul’s, unlike similar gifts to large institutional charities. One might argue that a bequest to a school or institution with tens of millions in endowment might not make much of a ripple. At Saint Paul’s, because resources are fewer, it creates a big difference. Nationally, nearly half of all bequests are made by people younger than 55 years of age. If you have not yet considered a bequest to Saint Paul’s Church, we invite you to please do so. The ministry of Saint Paul’s Church changes lives – not just within the congregation but significantly beyond. Every contribution counts.

Saint Paul’s church community is not as wealthy as some think. Our endowment is half the size of those of neighboring parishes. Bequests help to build it up and maintain the unique ministry that Saint Paul’s has to offer far into the future. A bequest is a way of carrying forward lifetime values in order to make an impact on the future. It is humbling and inspiring to see a quarter of our annual budget is made possible from investments and gifts given by members of our legacy society. We are grateful for their foresight and generosity that allows every aspect of our music, outreach, children and youth and adult education programs, to be maintained, as well as pastoral care and worship. Without their joyful generosity over the decades, we would not be able to do many of the things we take for granted Sunday by Sunday, season by season.

Over the past century, a number of very generous parishioners have left bequests to St. Paul’s. This has enabled our church to maintain its vital ministries and build our endowment. Current parishioners have also pledged and we call them “The Company of Angels.” As we start this new year, we pause to honor those parishioners – past and present – for their generosity.

The following have notified Saint Paul’s that the church is in their estate planning and are recognized as members of the “In the Company of Angels” Legacy Society. If you have already made provisions in your will for Saint Paul’s Church, please let the office know so that we may include you “In the Company of Angels.” Thank you to everyone on this list.

* Denotes Planned Giving Committee members
† Denotes deceased members

Charles & Elizabeth Affel
Henry Ballerstedt

John† and Hope Bennett
Charlotte Betancourt
Pamela Bracey
Wilson* & Anne Elliott Brown
William Bullitt
Alessandra Cartelli
Jeanette Cord
Clifford & Amy Cutler
The Rev. Rob Davidson†
Nina Deats
Sandra Dillon*
Edith Dixon

Suzanne Dure
Elizabeth O. Evans

Sue Hansen
Charles Head* & John Faggotti

Sarah Heckscher†
Robert T. Hubby

James Johnson†
Barbie & John Kimberly
Charlotte Kleis
Sandra Knup
Richard & Diane Kolb

Elizabeth Lippincott†
Mary Loveland

George McNeely*
Evelyn H. Miller

Willliam Robert James Morris
Wendy Munyon

Joyce O’Connell*
Tom & Jody O’Rourke
Margaret Pearson
James & Arabella Pope
Posey Randall
Karen Richter
James Robertson
John Root

Harvey Shipley Miller
Virginia C. Simons†
Margaret & Stuart Skinner†
Edward Smith
Newbold & Anne Strong†
Lowell Thomas
Nicole Tullo

Patricia Van Allen Voigt*
Randy & Nancy Williams