Stonework Cleaning

Dear St. Paul’s community, Through the end of September, the church building will be closed Monday through Friday for stonework cleaning. The doors will be open during the day to allow for ventilation — but please do not enter the space! St. Paul’s sanctuary will only be open for worship on Sundays. Dixon House will […]

The organ begins to come back

Scaffolding adorns the chancel, as cleaning of the wood and stone interior takes place alongside work to restore the ceiling organ. Soaring summer temperatures did not prevent a small crew from organ builders Russell & Co. tackling the long and arduous job of reinstalling the pipes of St. Paul’s Aeolian-Skinner organ, most of which were […]

8/2/2021: Renovations Update

Renovations and work are in full swing right now.  Wood cleaning and re-lamping is complete in the sanctuary. Scaffolding will be set up on Friday to start the stone cleaning.  This is a bit behind schedule since the cleaning machine is still in customs in New York.  Hopefully it will be released soon and it […]

Thank you for clean up!

Thank you to everyone who identified items that need to be kept for various functions and ministries of the parish.  This week all the detritus was taken away.  The next step is to organize everything that remains in the crypt storage rooms.  We are well on our way to ship shape.

Last call for any items to keep!

We have made tremendous progress in cleaning out the nooks and crannies of the church over the past weeks. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by the church to claim items and / or tag them for various ministries. This is the last week to identify anything that needs to be kept.  The removal team will […]