2/2/2024 Air Conditioning Update

Why are we thinking about air conditioning at this time of year?  Because we want it up and running before we desperately need it!

Air conditioning is coming to the sanctuary and the work will start soon.  On 12 February, the Delran team will be back on campus to start work.  Exactly what will happen, you may well ask.

Much of the work will be out of sight in the crypt rooms, the crawl space under the sanctuary, and the atrium between the parish hall and the education wing.  Air handling units will be installed in one of the crypt rooms and ductwork for both supply and exhaust air will be run under the sanctuary in the crawl space and through several rooms in the crypt.  Condensing units will sit in the atrium.  This is the same type of system installed in the parish hall although different in its configuration.  The image below – while small – provides more detail on work in the lower level.  All of this is the inner workings of the system.

Cool air will flow from the air handlers through the ducts below the sanctuary and be delivered to the space through floor registers.  There will be 8” deep x 48” wide registers under each of the stained-glass windows, at the back of the church, in the chancel, and the ambulatories.  To install these and connect to the ductwork below, the slab will be saw-cut which is a noisy operation.  For each opening the cutter needs to get through about two inches of stone and a concrete slab that is at least one foot thick.  That will take some time.  Once saw cutting is complete, metal registers will be installed in the floor.  The image below – again while small – provides more detail on work in the sanctuary and chancel.

Full size drawings are on display in Dixon House if you would like to take a closer look.

Work has already begun.  Final drawings are in progress and the team will file for permits shortly.  The project superintendent will set up a site office on 12 February.  Demolition and electrical work will start in the crypt at that time.  During the first week on site, the floor openings will be laid out in preparation for cutting the slab.  This activity will take approximately four weeks.  At the same time work on the lower level will continue; ductwork will be fabricated and installed along with the mechanical equipment.  The target completion date for the entire project is the end of April.

While we are all looking forward to a cool space in hot weather, it does come with some temporary disruption.  More updates will come as work progresses.  If you have questions, please ask any member of the property committee.