8/11/22: Renovation Update

We are in the final stretch of completing the Parish Hall renovation. Progress is being made every day. The property committee is excited to share the progress.

  • Kitchen Renovation All of the old kitchen equipment has been removed including cabinets, appliances, and sinks. New equipment is on order and prep work in the Swift Bird room to accommodate cooking exhaust has been completed.
  • Air conditioning Air conditioning has been installed and tested. During balancing the room was kept at a chilly 65 degrees!
  • Acoustical Remediation This item is complete and the difference in acoustical performance is amazing.
  • Lighting: All lighting except for pendant fixtures is installed.
  • Door Restoration This is complete and certainly increases our curb appeal and presence in the neighborhood.
  • Window Restoration All windows have been restored and are installed. .
  • Woodwork The flooring has been restored and is in the process of being stained. Wainscotting will be cleaned and treated.

We have run into some delays getting permits from the city which will delay completion of the kitchen. We will likely have use of that space mid to late September. We hope to have some use of the parish hall, however, by the beginning of the program year.
Not to lose sight of what has been completed, below is a recap of projects that are finished and already in service.

  • Connected the campus and rectory to the municipal sewer system
  • Upgraded our obsolete two-phase electrical service to standard three-phase and increased our power capacity
  • Upgraded and replaced all power distribution panels
  • Repaired the education wing roof and provided maintenance access to the roof
  • Installed site lighting across the campus for enhanced security and nighttime use
  • Restored and re-installed the porte cochere light fixture
  • Inspected and verified the structural integrity of the fleche
  • Renovated the storm water management system to provide proper drainage for the campus
  • Cleaned the sanctuary stone and wood and relamped the fixtures
  • Repaired and restore exterior pathways and stairs

Work continues and is made possible by our pledges to the capital campaign. Thank you to everyone who has fulfilled your pledge. There is still about $100,000 outstanding. Collecting these funds is vital to accomplishing as much work as possible. If you are among those with an unfulfilled pledge, now is the time to bring accounts up to date. Thank you to all who have made their contributions and those who continue to do so.


Fr. Eric taking in the sights from an angel’s eye view.