Asbestos Abatement in Parish Hall

2021-10-07 Dear St. Paul’s community, Beginning on Tuesday, October 12, the Parish Hall and Parish Hall basement level will be completely closed for asbestos abatement.  Absolutely no entry will be allowed.  Asbestos has been identified at the radiators and on some pipes under the stage in the parish hall.  While it is being removed, the […]

10/1/21: Renovation Update

Buildings are like humans; there is so much more than just a pretty face.  Inside are organs and circulatory systems that make everything function properly.  Like humans these systems need upkeep and wellness checks.  In extreme cases organ transplants are needed. Our capital projects have focused quite a bit on St. Paul’s organs and circulatory […]

9/16/2021: Renovation Update

The past month has seen some major strides for capital projects. It’s exciting to see things coming together. Stone cleaning in the sanctuary is approximately fifty percent complete and the transformation is remarkable. Almost 100 years of dust, dirt, and grime have been removed from all the wood and the stone. Once all of this […]

Stonework Cleaning

Dear St. Paul’s community, Through the end of September, the church building will be closed Monday through Friday for stonework cleaning. The doors will be open during the day to allow for ventilation — but please do not enter the space! St. Paul’s sanctuary will only be open for worship on Sundays. Dixon House will […]

The organ begins to come back

Scaffolding adorns the chancel, as cleaning of the wood and stone interior takes place alongside work to restore the ceiling organ. Soaring summer temperatures did not prevent a small crew from organ builders Russell & Co. tackling the long and arduous job of reinstalling the pipes of St. Paul’s Aeolian-Skinner organ, most of which were […]