Second Interviews Underway

Your Rector Search Committee has now second-interviewed two Rector candidates, with several more to go, and we’re enthusiastic about all of them. That may seem like a problem, since we can only call one on behalf of St. Paul’s, but what a good problem to have!  After each second interview, we’ll call the candidate’s references, noting very carefully the specific comments they make and then, assuming no negatives come out, we’ll invite the candidate and his/her spouse here for a visit.  We’ll drive them around our neighborhoods – not just Chestnut Hill and Wyndmoor, but also Mt. Airy and Germantown – have a meal with them, meet with the Bishop and a couple of the Vestry Wardens, and give them a tour of St. Paul’s.  Shall we include the less attractive parts, like the “bowling alley” and the crypt?  We shall see…

Thank you for your prayers; I’m sure they’re helping!

Louise Thompson
Chair of the Search Committee