Interviews are underway

The Committee is now meeting two evenings a week, Tuesday and Thursday, so pray-ers, please pray for us twice! We’re doing this to move things along a bit faster, since we still have some first interviews scheduled but will also be starting second interviews soon – there are that many promising candidates. One of the things we’ve gotten good at is listening to each other’s observations and opinions because, even if you take copious notes, you can miss a key point in the middle of an interview. But one of the 11 of us is bound to hear and repeat it, for the benefit of the rest of us and the group’s discernment. As before, our candidates have very carefully checked out St. Paul’s, not just the Parish Profile but also every corner of our website, and they’ve listened to a number of our online services. They’ve commented on the range of our ministries and the beauty of our music and sanctuary, and they’ve asked about the challenges we say we have. One of them was particularly interested in our use of Godly Play for our children, because he grew up doing Godly Play. These are seriously interested and interesting people, as we’ve found from the beginning.

Louise Thompson
Chair of the Search Committee