Interviewing and Discerning

The Search Committee is in the middle of interviewing likely candidates and, as I said on Sunday, they find St. Paul’s very appealing, based on the Parish Profile and talking with the committee.  So, while we say in the Profile that St. Paul’s has some challenges, there are plenty of interesting candidates who feel called to help us address them.

We continue our internal discernment process as we interview. This means that, for every candidate, we listen carefully to their answers and answer their questions thoughtfully. After the interview, the Committee thinks and talks about what their answers tell us about them, how they would fit with St. Paul’s and, if we interviewed them again, what we’d still like to know.  Because we will be accepting new candidates through March 1, some time soon we may split our 11-person group in order to do more first interviews faster, and we may have a second meeting during some weeks.

As always, thank you for your prayers, and keep them coming!

Louise Thompson