Great – and many – candidates

Thanks for your Tuesday evening prayers, folks! The committee is moving steadily along with more interviews and internal discernment about the large number of candidates who have applied for St. Paul’s Rector position. They’re from all over the country, of really varied backgrounds and ages. We’ve listened to lots of sermons via YouTube and other media; there are so many ways, these days, to learn about the candidates. When we interview them, after the committee has asked our Profile-based questions and ones prompted by their portfolios, the candidates have a chance to question us. And often we’re pleased to find that they’ve read St. Paul’s website and all its links – there was one question based on the minutes of a recent Vestry meeting – and they really challenge our knowledge of St. Paul’s and where we want to go. Next week we’ll be reviewing the Parish Profile again, to make sure we’re sending the right messages. We’ll still be accepting applications through the end of February, so there will be more to come.

Stay tuned!

Louise Thompson
Chair of the Search Committee