Fall registration is open for Choristers!

Fall registration is open for the St. Paul’s Chorister Program!

Join a team of gifted young musicians who have a passion for choir, ministry, and building greater community with others.  Every week, our Choristers are trained in vocal technique and music reading skills, giving each child the foundation for a lifetime of performance and enjoyment of music.

 Becoming a Chorister

  • No prior musical training or experience is required. The program is open to any young person who is willing to meet attendance requirements.
  • Participation in the chorister program is for children ages 8-17.
  • Unlike other programs, there are no expenses or fees. The strong commitment that parents and children make is all that is required.
  • Children do not need to be Episcopalian or a member of Saint Paul’s. Children of any religious affiliation, or no affiliation, are warmly welcome.

Benefits of Becoming a Chorister

  • Free weekly musicianship lessons -vocal technique and music reading skills.
  • Delicious weekly dinner after rehearsal
  • Choir retreats and day trips
  • Choristers learn important, transferable life skills such as patience, self-discipline, ability to focus, good humor, and building community.

We strive to provide a vibrant, fun, and superb music program for all children who show an interest in music and who can commit to our schedule. Our choirs are open to all people regardless of church membership and religious affiliation.

Register today for the 2023 program year!

Contact: Dr. Andrew Kotylo, Director of Music, (215) 242-2055 x 35