Applications Closed!

The application period for Rector candidates is now closed, and we’ve received quite a few who may be a good fit with St. Paul’s.  We’re doing more first interviews, and later in March we may be able to start second interviews with the most promising candidates.  We’ll also be meeting (by Zoom, of course) a second evening each week, to get the process moving faster and, we hope, to prevent any of the best candidates from accepting a call from another church before we make our final selection.  Eventually we’ll have 2 or 3 people come visit St. Paul’s if they’re able to travel, although they probably won’t preside over a service while here.  As before, everyone we’ve interviewed has made at least one really good suggestion about what we could do about one of the challenges we discussed in our Parish Profile – bringing our membership together while keeping our 4 services, increasing our attendance and diversity, etc.  These are really good people!

Louise Thompson
Chair, Rector Search Committee