Nominating Committee: Receiving names for positions

The Nominating Committee is open to receiving names for consideration for one vestry member and one delegate to the Diocesan Convention.

The vestry is the governing body for St. Paul’s Church responsible for developing policies and procedures according to canons and by-laws; ensuring that financial and organizational systems are in place; developing and managing the annual budget and communicating with the parish on a regular basis.  The vestry term is for 3 years with an opportunity serve for a second term if elected.

In order for the vestry to function effectively, each vestry member must actively participate in vestry activities and in the life of the parish.  Specific individual responsibilities include the following:

  • Regularly prepare for, attend and participate in vestry meetings and vestry retreat.
  • Be an active member and/or assume the chair of one of the parish’s ministries.
  • Faithfully contribute to the mission of the church through an annual pledge to the Church and assist in stewardship education.
  • Attend the orientation session at the beginning of each term of vestry service.
  • Support the mission of the church, putting overall interests of the church above personal or group interests.
  • Be receptive to individual parishioners’ concerns and, if necessary, be willing to discuss these concerns with the rector, wardens and/or vestry.
  • Learn about the mission goals, program, services, activities, strengths and needs of the congregation, diocese and the Episcopal Church.

The Delegate to the Diocesan convention represents the parish at the annual Diocesan convention by voting on the diocesan budget and other issues presented.  The term is for 3 years.

If you know of a fellow parishioner that you feel is well-suited for vestry service or delegate or if you yourself feel called to this leadership role, please reach out to any nominating committee member. Questions may also be addressed to committee members. Names to be considered by the committee for nomination should be received no later than March 26, 2021.

Madeline Schroth, Chair: 215-659-0834,

Charlotte Betancourt: 215-242-3411,

Elizabeth Brooks: 215-836-9088,

Cheyenne DeMulder: 908-938-3700,

Van Williams: 215-805-4712,