4-21-2021 Renovation Update

If you’ve been by the campus this past week, you’ve seen a lot of dirt movement.

On the Chestnut Hill Avenue side near the Alexander room a pit has been dug and a concrete vault has been installed as part of our new electrical service.  PECO will soon be scheduled to install a new transformer.  Moving into the building conduits have been installed and an enclosure is waiting for a new distribution panel.

Trenching has been completed by the main drive and through the prayer garden for installation of site lighting. Conduits have been installed and footings for the fixtures will be poured next week.

On the education wing, repairs to the roof are underway and we will install a roof hatch to allow easier maintenance of the area moving forward.  The picture is taken in the library on the second floor.

It’s exciting to see work being accomplished, and we’re all looking forward to the time when we can be together and enjoy the campus again. As always, thank you for the contributions and pledges that are making this work possible.

Mark Duckett
Chair of the Property Committee