The Transition Process

The Transition Process for St Paul’s Church 2019-2020

Ruth Desiderio, Rector’s Warden

Many of you have questions about the search process in the Episcopal Church and specifically what it  means for St. Paul’s. I hope to answer many of your questions about where we are in the process and what lies ahead. Here are two helpful resources developed over many years.

When we become clear about where the Holy Spirit is calling us (hence the importance of our 2020 Vision theme for next year) then we will have an idea as to what and who we are looking for in a new Rector to help us achieve that vision. The basic steps from when a former Rector leaves to calling a new priest go something like this:

Direction Finding

  • Rector departed (May 2019)
  • Met with Bishop
  • Called the interim rector (June 2019)
  • Engaged a diocesan consultant (October 2019)


  • Appointed self-study committee (John Rollins October 2019)
  • Develop and post the Parish Profile (Fall/Winter 2019/20)
  • Appoint Discernment (Search) Committee (Spring 2020)


  • Secure clergy names for consideration
  • Determine process and criteria for screening
  • Bishop screens possible candidates and reference checks short list with other bishops
  • Committee makes visits and interviews candidates


  • Discernment Committee makes recommendation to vestry


  • Vestry consults with bishop on final call
  • Vestry issues a call
  • Agreement negotiated between vestry and candidate
  • Letter of agreement signed
  • Vestry plans farewell for interim rector
  • Institution of new rector
  • Start-up of new ministry