Tales from the Crypt 2 — Creature Feature

Trigger warning:  This photo is of an actual closet at St. Paul’s.  It has not been posed. Shield your eyes.

You never know what you’re going to find when you open a closet door at St. Paul’s.  This week we found Miss Kitty who apparently got lost trying to find her way back to the Long Branch Saloon in Dodge City.  Poor dear, she seems to have been over-served, but she’s still disarming.  Unfortunately she will meet an ignominious end in a dumpster in August if no one claims her and her party frock.

Keep up the good work of campus clean out so we can welcome a new rector to a facility that is organized and in order.  Please get in touch with Mike Latini, Cheyenne DeMulder, or Mark Duckett to schedule a time to identify anything that needs to be kept and for what reason.  Anything – and everything, including Miss Kitty – not claimed by 31 July will be tossed into a dumpster the week of 02 August.

Thanks to everyone who has already risen to this challenge.  Looking forward to the continued cleanup.