Still Receiving Portfolios

Fellow parishioners, I’m sure you’ll remember the parish survey we all completed early last year, and the 300 (!) comments we made, before John Rollins and his worthy committee put together our Parish Profile.  In the process we detailed, and the Profile Committee summarized, our strengths, opportunities and challenges for the future.  Well, now that the interview process has started, the Search Committee is finding that candidates are drawn to St. Paul’s not only by our strengths; they are also intrigued by our challenges.  As you’ll recall, our three strong Sunday congregations are both a strength and a challenge, and reading about that has caused candidates to think about suggestions for meeting the challenge, i.e. bringing us closer as one congregation without changing the services.  We’ve already had a couple of good ideas proposed, so that I, at least, said to myself “why didn’t we think of that?!”

So stay tuned:  we’ll be receiving applicants’ portfolios through the end of February, but we’ve already begun the internal discernment process and are interviewing very promising candidates. And please keep praying for our committee and its work.

Louise Thompson
Chair of the Search Committee