St. Luke’s Germantown Gun Buyback Event – Donate & Volunteer!

St. Paul’s is partnering with St. Luke’s Germantown for its gun buy-back event. Donate & Volunteer!

Two Volunteer opportunities relating to the St. Luke’s Gun Buyback event:

Please note, all volunteer opportunities will be located at St. Luke’s, not at St. Paul‘s, as previously stated in Happenings. We apologize for any confusion.

St. Paul’s is partnering with St. Luke’s Germantown for its gun buyback event. Donate & Volunteer!

Two volunteer opportunities relating to the St. Luke’s Gun Buyback event:

Location: St. Luke’s Episcopal Church campus at 5421 Germantown Avenue

Wednesday July 26, 12:30 pm (following their noon eucharist -all are welcome to attend), all will gather to pack up bags with info about St. Luke’s and what they do (food pantry, clothes nook, legal aid and of course church services), for the people that come.

Saturday July 29, from 10 am – 2 pm, day of the Gun Buyback, they are looking for a group to bring and serve refreshments like lemonade and cookies. They will have the tables and the kitchen to mix lemonade. This will be an opportunity to see first hand how this program works.

Please contact Paul Diefenbach by Thursday, July 20 at or 215-242-2055 ext. 25 and let him know on which date you wish to volunteer. A member of the Outreach Committee will confirm arrangements with you.

St. Luke’s is looking to raise $20,000 to purchase and disable 100 semi-automatic weapons this summer. St. Paul’s goal is to contribute $5,000 for the gun buy-back event as part of our Outreach focus on gun violence. We have raised $4,700 to date via an allocation from our Outreach budget and key parishioner donors. We need your help to reach our goal.

Click on the the link to donate to this worthy cause. Thank you.