Reviewing the discernment process

This week the committee had a workshop with our consultant, Barbara Abbott, to learn more about how our discernment process can work best going forward. Next week we’ll be working on the specifics of how to evaluate rector candidates: what criteria does the Parish Profile suggest, and what interview questions will help us see how each candidate measures up to those criteria? We’ve received a number of candidate “portfolios” (not just resumes), and they all look really interesting.

The Search Committee will be meeting by Zoom every Tuesday evening (except Dec. 29th) for the next several months, and we’ll always “pray ourselves in” at the beginning of the meeting, so Janice Fiore suggested a way the congregation can help us: if you think of it, or want to put Tuesdays at 7 p.m. on your calendar, you could stop what you’re doing for just a minute and say a prayer for our work of discerning the best rector for St. Paul’s. Thank you!

Louise Thompson, Chair