Construction Update 10/12/22


This is the last update on the parish hall and work done through the capital campaign because we are done!

Earlier this week a group of St. Paul’s kitchen mega-users attended a training session for the new culinary equipment. We learned how to operate the convection ovens, standard oven and range, microwave, freezer and refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and coffee brewers.

The group included: Liz Brooks, Meg Class, Stan Gaddy, Fr. Eric Hungerford, Alix Jones, Mike Latini, James Pope, Karen Richter, and Nick Steever. If you want to know how to operate any of the equipment, please get in touch with one of these folks and they will be happy to help. This group is also hard at working taking inventory, planning storage, and getting the kitchen stocked with the hundreds of pieces of small ware, cookware, serving ware, dishes, etc. that will make it a fully functioning galley.

While we will not be able to cook in the kitchen until next Wednesday 19 October, fortunately, refrigeration, dishwashing, and coffee makers are in service now. The last two items to clear are final installation of the fire suppression system for the hood, scheduled for Friday; and the certification of the fire alarm system, which is scheduled for next Tuesday 18 October. After that we will be 100% ready to go.

Thanks to everyone who made these renovations possible. We have accomplished and enormous amount. Our infrastructure is in better shape than it has been for many years and that will allow us to continue to restore, maintain, and upgrade the campus for the future.


Kitchen equipment training with the St. Paul’s Breakfast Team.

Newly installed Parish Hall oven and appliances