“Altar of Repose” in the Healing Chapel

After the Maundy Thursday Service the Healing Chapel will serve as an “Altar of Repose” and will remain open for prayer until midnight.

All are welcome to keep watch with Jesus in the Garden as we await Good Friday. The Altar of Repose is a beloved tradition dating back to the Middle Ages. At the end of every Sunday Eucharistic Liturgy, the remaining consecrated bread and wine are returned to the tabernacle in our Healing Chapel as a reserve Sacrament for the homebound. On Maundy Thursday, however, following the reception of Holy Communion, the remaining consecrated elements are formally placed on what is called an “Altar of Repose.” Amidst the smell of flowers, the glow of candles, and focused on Christ’s presence in the Eucharist we keep watch with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Please, come spend time in prayer, adoration, and reflection. The church will be open until midnight for all who wish to participate.”