2/18/22: Renovation Update

Welcome Back – We need your help

With renewed campus facilities on the horizon, it is an ideal time to take a comprehensive look at space use on St. Paul’s campus.  Over the past two years we have not been able to use our facilities to their fullest.  As we look forward to being able to spend more time together, we want to ensure we are positioned to provide the best setting for the myriad activities that happen here.  Fr. Eric has asked the property committee to lead an effort to understand who uses space, how it is used, and when.

The first step in the process is to gather information.  Ministry leaders will be sent a preliminary questionnaire so property can gather data.  Once we have that information we will collate it and meet with ministry leadership to review the data and see what it reveals about how our facilities can best support their activities.  As an interesting point, over the past couple of years, all committees have made excellent use of virtual meetings.  Should this continue for all, most, some, or no meeting in the future?

The process is designed to be iterative and gather broad input from the full range of ministries that call St. Paul’s home.  The initial questionnaire will be sent out next week.  Ministry leaders will be encouraged to solicit input from many people involved in their group.  The entire process is scheduled to conclude with recommendations toward the end of May.  This is a chance for all of us to participate in the work of setting facility priorities and understanding how property can best support the important work that happens here.

Work continues and is made possible by our pledges to the capital campaign.  Thank you to everyone who has fulfilled your pledge.  There is still about $110,000 outstanding.  Collecting these funds is vital to accomplishing as much work as possible.  If you are among those with an unfulfilled pledge, now is the time to bring accounts up to date.  Thank you to all who have made their contributions and those who continue to do so.