10/29/21: Renovation Update

The update for this week’s Happenings is one that many of us have yearned to hear.  The property committee is flushed with pride to announce that the sewer is complete and functioning.   Rejoice!

Soon the lawn will be re-seeded and a sub-committee of the property group will look at a landscaping plan for the campus.  The remaining few light fixtures will be installed and restoration of our exterior walkways and stairs can be completed.  Sanctuary cleaning returned the beauty that had been dulled by time. Now we can turn our attention to the parish hall.

Work continues and is made possible by our pledges to the capital campaign.  Thank you to everyone who has fulfilled your pledge.  There is still about $130,000 outstanding.  Collecting these funds is vital to accomplishing as much work as possible.  If you are among those with an unfulfilled pledge, now is the time to bring accounts up to date.  Thank you to all who have made their contributions and those who continue to do so.