Sanctuary A/C Update: 3/6/24

Work on sanctuary air conditioning began in earnest on Monday 12 February.  Almost four weeks later we have seen significant progress.

  • All demolition in the crypt is complete.
  • Only six more openings in the sanctuary floor remain to be cut. This activity should be complete by the end of next week.
  • All supply ductwork on the south side of the sanctuary has been installed and much of the north side is in place as well.
  • In the next few days new electrical lines will be run from the main mechanical room below the Alexander room, through the dance studio and bowling alley to service new equipment in the atrium and the air handler room below the chancel.
  • Mechanical equipment: Condenser units were delivered by crane to the atrium, and air handlers are being manufactured and should arrive in a few weeks.

While we have run into a few snags like cutting through conduits that were buried in the concrete slab, we are on schedule and look forward to wrapping up by the end of April.

Here are few photos of the work in progress:


Demolition of old ductwork

Ductwork under sanctuary looking south


Rig for cutting floor openings


New ductwork awaiting installation