Organ Removal is Complete

Photo Gallery of organ removal, June-July 2020

As you scroll through the photos, you might take note of the following:
• A crew from the organ builders Russell & Co. traveled to Philadelphia on five occasions to remove the smaller pipes and convey them back to their shop in Vermont. With help from St. Paul’s volunteers, pipes were packed into wooden boxes for safe transport.
• Pipes were dismantled and removed from the east wall on either side of the altar reredos, from the organ chamber behind the altar reredos, and from above the choir pews. Some of these spaces were very tight and awkward to work in.
• The largest pipes and mechanical components of the organ were later removed by a specialist company. These items were temporarily parked on the labyrinth and in the gallery, before being loaded into a large truck for removal to Vermont.
• Notice the temporarily changed appearance of the church. The east wall is bare of pipes, and there is a clear view through the screens on either side of the altar to the stone wall behind. The empty organ chamber behind the altar allows a rare glimpse of the back of the reredos.