Five Fridays Season

The Music Guild is very pleased to report that the 2022-23 FIVE FRIDAYS season was a great success, both musically and financially.  The net proceeds of $8,000 were divided and donated equally to Face to Face and Family Promise.  We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this stellar effort: the generous individual and business sponsors, those who bought tickets and attended concerts, and all who worked behind the scenes to make the concerts happen.  Five Fridays has grown into something of a local music tradition, and since its beginnings in 2011 has donated a total of more than $72,000 to our two beneficiaries.   

The 2023-24 season opens on Friday October 6, and promises to be as good or even better than its predecessors!  Please consider ways in which you might help us expand our reach by inviting friends, sharing your experiences, or becoming a sponsor. Sponsorship is available at different levels for both individuals and local businesses. Benefits include complimentary tickets and advertising space in the program booklets. Information is available here, or contact Andy Kotylo with questions.