“A Contemplative Journey in Advent”

“A Contemplative Journey in Advent”

Tuesday evenings 5pm

November 28th through December 19th

Stepping Stones to Stillness
Meditation is the change that changes everything. 

A regular group gathering to support your daily home practice of meditation.

Four introductory evenings.
1. Simple outline of the practice.
2. Sitting in meditation as a group / incorporating a few minutes of walking meditation.

1.  Discovering the richness of our tradition.
2.  “You are the whisper I hear “…. words on the floor of St. Paul’s as you enter the
the church …. allowing stillness to sensitize our hearts to this “whisper “a
Presence already within and all around us.
3. Allowing Gods mysterious and silent presence within us to emerge as vital and
directional, giving meaning, shape, and purpose to everything we are and do.
4.  This is a healing journey where we allow the “Divine therapist “to lead us into the
Depths of God’s love”.