8/2/2021: Renovations Update

Renovations and work are in full swing right now.  Wood cleaning and re-lamping is complete in the sanctuary. Scaffolding will be set up on Friday to start the stone cleaning.  This is a bit behind schedule since the cleaning machine is still in customs in New York.  Hopefully it will be released soon and it will be on site next week.  No doubt you have also noticed considerable work on the sewer and the pile of Wissahickon schist that was pulled out as part of the process.  We are waiting for the delivery of the site lights, and as soon as they arrive, they will be installed.  The lights in the porte cochere have been installed and are now on a time clock.

Here are updates on what has been completed and what is in process.

  1. New Electrical service – 100% complete and energized
  2. Education wing roof including roof hatch – 85% complete
  3. Electrical panel replacement – 100% complete
  4. Sanctuary interior masonry restoration – not started
  5. Sanctuary high cleaning – 100% complete
  6. Re-lamp the sanctuary – 100% complete
  7. Replace parish hall storm drains – 100% complete
  8. Sewer work – 50% complete
  9. Campus lighting – Porte cochere 90% complete, site lighting – 70% complete
  10. Dixon House repairs – 100% complete
  11. Masonry hardscape restoration and repair – not started
  12. Parish hall – value engineering to meet funds available

All that said, we are almost at the end of what we can do with the campaign funds.  Of the roughly $2M we raised we have obligated $1.6 M leaving us about $400K for the parish hall.  To meet this number we will forego air conditioning and possibly eliminate other scope as well.  While this is unfortunate, we have been able to accomplish a lot, although we cannot afford any more surprises from neglected infrastructure without endangering more scope from the parish hall.

There is still about $130K in outstanding pledges for the capital campaign.  If you haven’t fulfilled your pledge, now is the time.  These are the funds that make this work possible.  Thank you to all who have made their contributions and those who continue to do so.