Memorial Flowers for Easter

As we plan to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord on Easter Eve and Easter Day, we would like to offer the congregation an opportunity to remember and celebrate loved ones through our Easter flowers.  Please send us the names of your loved ones with your donation of $75.  They will be included in the service sheets for Easter Vigil and Easter morning.  The flowers will decorate the altar and the church as a whole. The Easter lillies will be distributed to those on our parish prayer list after Easter. Please note that the final day to submit names is Wednesday, March 27.

Please fill out the form with the names of those you would like to remember, and then follow this link (also below the form) to donate. There is also an opportunity for parishioners to join the Flower Guild and learn how to make simple yet beautiful flower arrangements (intergenerational experience for parents and kids!), and have fun preparing the church for worship. Everyone is welcome to join this important ministry. For more information, please contact the clergy. 

Photos provided by Van Williams