Winter-Spring 2021

Weekly schedule coming soon!

Sunday, May 30th

Adult Education Forum with Dr. Phillip Cary

Dr. Phil Cary, Professor of Philosophy at Eastern University and frequent guest lecturer at St. Paul’s, returns to give a talk on the Holy Trinity for Trinity Sunday. Lecture at 10 a.m. with Q&A to follow.

Sunday, May 23rd

Adult Education Forum with The Rev. Dan Kline

Join Rev. Dan this Sunday for an exploration of The Feast of Pentecost and what it means for us today! Lecture at 10 a.m. with a Q&A to follow.

Watch the discussion here.

Sunday, May 9th

Clergy Conversations with Andre Saunders

Andre Saunders is a music artist and poet from Philadelphia. He is a graduate of Roman Catholic High School and attended Howard University. Andre serves as the resident poet for the Writers Matter Program in partnership with La Salle University, working with elementary and middle school students. He grew up at St. Paul’s and is currently our Sunday Custodian. Please join us for a conversation around his art and the church! Q & A to follow.

Watch the interview here.

Sunday, May 2nd

Celtic Spirituality

Led by The Rev. Canon Albert Ogle

Watch the discussion here.

Sunday, April 25th

Clergy Conversations Panel on Singing During COVID-19

Join our clergy for a timely panel discussion on worship, singing, and preventing COVID-19 as we return to three weekly services at St Paul’s. You may also like to read recent research cited in the Wall Street Journal this week, as the scientists and musicians try to agree on best practices. We are joined by:

  • Dr. Neil Fishman, Chief Medical Officer at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and Infectious Disease expert
  • Dr. Priya Krishna, Otolaryngologist at Loma Linda University Medical Center in California
  • The Rev. Canon Kirk Berlenbach, Canon for Support and Growth in The Diocese of Pennsylvania, and partial writer of our Diocesan COVID-19 guidelines

Watch the discussion here.

Sunday, April 18th

Blessed Absalom Jones

Arthur Sudler of The African Episcopal Church of St. Thomas will give a talk on Blessed Absalom Jones, the first Black Episcopal priest in The Episcopal Church, who also founded St. Thomas’. Mr. Sudler is a long-time member of the History Committee of our diocese, the oldest diocese in the United States. Special focus will be given to the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793 and parallels with the COVID-19 pandemic today. 10 a.m. talk this Sunday, followed by a Q&A. Link above.

Watch the discussion here.

Sunday, April 11th

Jesus as Lord & Defeat of Death

Led by Dr. Phillip Cary.

Watch the discussion here.

Sunday, March 21st

Journeying with Jesus through Holy Week

Soon we will encounter the holiest week of the liturgical year, moving from the joy of Palm Sunday to the sorrow of Good Friday and then again to joy in the Resurrection. Particular ritual practices developed early in the history of the Church to mark this special week, including the Easter Vigil. Join liturgical scholar Dr. Kyle Schiefelbein-Guerrero, Steck-Miller Assistant Professor of Worship and Liturgy at United Lutheran Seminary (down the street on Germantown Avenue), to participate in this journey through time and practice.

Watch the discussion here.

Sunday, March 14th

Antisemitism: Medieval and Modern

Please join us as we listen to Dr. Kara McShane on the topic: “Antisemitism: Medieval and Modern.” Dr. McShane is an expert on how medieval English Christian literature presents non-Christian religious belief and practice, especially medieval antisemitism. She is the Assistant Professor of English at Ursinus College, is a member of our choir, and leads St. Paul’s Anti-Racism Book & Action Club. Lecture at 11 a.m. followed by a Q&A.

Watch the discussion here.

Sunday, March 7th

Adult Education Forum:
Hidden Figures in The Episcopal Church

Join two choristers and graduates from our recent confirmation class, Livi Stites and Louella Whitaker, and our Assistant Rector, Dan Kline. We will be discussing important Black Episcopalians from history: Pauli Murray, Barbara Harris, and Alexander Crummell. 11 a.m. on Sunday, with a Q&A to follow.

Watch the discussion here.

Sunday, February 28th

Clergy Conversations:
COVID-19 Vaccination Panel

Join our clergy as they speak with Bob Whitaker, Mile Petrov, Najjia Mahmoud, and Neil Fishman on COVID-19 transmission and vaccination. 11 a.m. on Sunday, with a Q&A to follow.

Watch the discussion here.

Sunday, February 21st

Clergy Conversations:
Mother LaClaire Atkins

Join our clergy for a conversation with Mother LaClaire Atkins, our 2021 Lenten Digital Retreat Leader, at 11 a.m. Q&A to follow.

Watch the interview and Q&A here