Who we are

We are a collection of individuals who come from varied backgrounds and have diverse life experiences. Yet, when we gather in God’s name, our unity is strengthened by our diversity. We strive to show Christ’s love in the world, and put our common life together before uniformity of opinion.


Many people who enjoy worshiping at Saint Paul’s have found their way here from other denominations.  We are in the Diocese of Pennsylvania of the Episcopal Church USA, which in turn is a member of the world-wide Anglican Communion.  As Anglicans, Episcopalians are guided in their beliefs by “scripture, tradition, and reason”, and are sometimes characterized as a “centrist” Christian denomination.  More about what it means to be an Episcopalian can be found here. At Saint Paul’s we provide regular opportunities for those inquiring about becoming an Episcopalian. You do not have to “join” anything to come to Saint Paul’s, though some people do choose, after consideration, to be formally received into the Episcopal Church.

Young Adults and Singles

We welcome young adults who find their way to us when they move to our neighborhood, or who are exploring a faith community for the first time. Young adults are active in a variety of ministries at Saint Paul’s.


Families of every constellation make up the fabric of Saint Paul’s. Those who have younger children appreciate the consideration we give to being “family-friendly” – that is, in providing child care and a nursery, and a variety of education and ministry for children. Breakfast in the Parish Hall (at 8:30 am on Sundays) is a popular way for families to begin their Sunday morning together, and a lively Parents Exchange meets while the children are in Church School or Chorister rehearsal. Special activities, both on and off campus, are planned throughout the year.


Children are an important part of our community at Saint Paul’s, whether at worship, choristers or Godly Play. While you might hear it said that children are the church of tomorrow, we believe they are the church of today.

Older Folk

Not surprisingly for a parish that has been in existence for more than 150 years, we have a generous number of older folk in our congregation. They bring a deep perspective to our community affairs, having witnessed astonishing local and global changes in their lifetimes.  They are active in every parish ministry.  We relish the warm interaction that happens when several generations are together, and when life events such as baptisms, weddings, and funerals are marked by the entire parish.  We have some physical accommodations in our buildings to assist those who might need them (handicap access, amplified sound). Some of our caring ministries are organized with older people, including those confined to home, in mind.


In a time when sharp divisions of belief define Christian communities across the world, we are clear at Saint Paul’s that we are a place of welcome and acceptance to gay, lesbian, transgendered and questioning persons. Same-sex couples sit openly together in the pews, serve on the Vestry and on committees, and participate in all facets of parish life.  Some of our children have same-sex parents.  We celebrate that Gay marriage is now legal in the United States of America.