We welcome The Rev. Betsy Ivey this Sunday





The Rev. Betsy Ivey, nearly a native Philadelphian, was born and raised in Harrisburg PA. where she was, also, ordained to the priesthood as the first African American woman to have been so in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania. Upon her return to the Diocese of Pennsylvania she began her work with Black congregations as Priest-in-Charge of St. Simon the Cyrenian Episcopal Church in South Philadelphia. Betsy was appointed by Bishop Daniel G. P. Gutiérrez to serve as Canon for Church Growth and Support for the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania for six years where she developed her skills in congregational and church development. Working within the diocese’s cadre of 136 churches Betsy helped to create the congregational development program Casting Nets that enabled churches to change the way they administered church in a changing world. Her focus was enabling small Black Episcopal congregations to develop new community-focused strategies. Bishop Gutiérrez conferred on her the office of Honorary Canon when she retired in 2023. Betsy, also, in 2023 earned a Master of Science degree in Historic Preservation from the Weitzman School of Design (UPenn) that enabled her to combine her church development acumen with knowledge of the preservation of the historic buildings in which most Black churches are located. Betsy joined Partners for Sacred Places as the Director of the Philadelphia Fund of Black Sacred Places in September of 2023.

Betsy co-authored an article on community-based ministry for the Episcopal Church Foundation Vital Practices and has presented on the same at the Virginia Theological Seminary. Betsy has a BA in History from the University of Pennsylvania, MDiv. from Lancaster Theological Seminary, and an STM cum laude from the General Theological Seminary.