Interfaith Hospitality Network

Our Guests

Each year, typically in the spring, St. Paul’s hosts three or four homeless families in the church building for a month. Our guest families are part of a program run by Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network (PIHN) that helps to transition homeless families into safe, stable housing and full-time employment for adults. The organization provides childcare, job skills training, needed supplies, and a community environment for struggling families, and arranges for a network of diverse faith communities to host the families while long-term housing is being arranged for them.

Our Impact

St. Paul’s has been proudly serving as a PIHN host site for many years now, and the month in which the families stay with us has become a central part of our community calendar. Each year, our volunteers step up and donate their time to help these families feel welcome and at ease during the first week that our guests are staying with us. Over just a single week, St. Paul’s volunteers typically put in over 100 hours of work helping the families, and we could not run this program so successfully without their support!

Volunteers contribute their time to serve as nightly “Dinner Hosts” who eat meals with the families, “Storytellers” who help to entertain and watch out for the children, and “Overnight Hosts” who stay in the church for the night. Other area churches that do not themselves have space to accommodate the families support St. Paul’s by providing volunteers for some of the weeks.

PIHN is the beneficiary of funds from St. Paul’s Rummage Sale and the Five Fridays concert series.

Would you like to help change lives? Contact us to find out more and volunteer to help.


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