For the keys, they are a-changin’

… to paraphrase Nobel Prize winner, Bob Dylan.

On Thursday of this week our locksmith started the process of rekeying the campus.  He is beginning  with the interior doors and will end with the exterior doors.  By this time next week his work should be complete.   At the end of each day, he will turn over keys for the locks that have been completed.  For the time being, we will only replace keys in lockboxes so people will continue to have access to those spaces. Keys will be issued the week of 21 August once we have all the hardware and have sorted through requests.

At the property committee meeting next Wednesday, we will finalize the key management policy, and that will be in next Friday’s Happenings.  While there are some details to be worked out, the new policy will be much more restrictive than what we have now, which seems to be, “ask and ye shall receive”.

Please email Mark Duckett with questions or comments.